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CIERA Achieves Success With 2nd Annual Summer Institute!

8/22/2001 - Participants and presenters at CIERA’s Second Annual Summer Institute, entitled "Closing the Achievement Gap: Teaching Every Child to Read," labeled the event a great success. This year's attendees came from 29 U.S. states, as well as Israel and Poland, and represented a huge variety of school boards and districts.

SI Attendees listen intently to Joseph Johnson's Keynote
SI Attendees listen intently to Joseph Johnson's Keynote

Speakers at the five-day conference presented their findings on diverse topics, from research standards to the use of new educational technologies. Each presentation was followed by a series of small-group workshops designed to help practitioners translate policy and research into practical classroom technique. These workshops addressed various aspects of the work of teaching reading, including the development of reading and teaching standards and the use of new research-based teaching strategies.

Craig Jerald, of the Education Trust, gives one of the General Session Speeches
Craig Jerald, of the Education Trust, gives one of the General Session Speeches

The conference’s keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Joseph Johnson, Jr., director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Compensatory Education Programs. Dr. Johnson addressed an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 350 delegates from the United States and abroad on the issue of how schools could strive to assist low-achieving children. Other speakers included some of the country’s most prominent researchers and specialists in the area of childhood literacy.
The registration, meals, and coffee breaks were decorated in an undersea theme, linked to a series of motivational videos shown during one of the general sessions. These materials were designed to emphasize the importance of motivating students to set their own goals for achievement.

An SI Attendee talks with CIERA Researcher Trinka Smith-Burke
An SI Attendee talks with CIERA Researcher Trinka Smith-BurkeCluster groups getcreative with their displays
Cluster groups get creative with their displays

The Institute’s success was largely due to the excellent planning, programming, technical support, and general hard work of CIERA staff members Diane Piel, Brenda Ely, Chris Myers, Peter Zhou, Ryan McLean, and Matthew van Wasshnova. Thanks to all of them, the conference went off without a hitch.
The enthusiastic response of attendees and presenters to this year’s program signalled that the annual series continues to be a popular and highly effective medium for translating CIERA’s research into effective educational practice. We look forward to continuing that tradition with our third annual CIERA Summer Institute, scheduled for July, 2002. We hope you’ll join us. Keep an eye on our Web site at http://www.ciera.org for further details.

Martha Adler, University of Michigan
Peter Afflerbach, University of Maryland
Sue Biggam, Reading Excellence Act project
Deanna Birdyshaw, University of Michigan
Joanne Carlisle, University of Michigan
Jacalyn Colt, St. Vrain Valley School District
David Dickinson, Center for Children and Families
Nell Duke, Michigan State University
Patricia Edwards, Michigan State University
Susan Florio-Ruane, Michigan State University
Marc Hull, Vermont READS Institute
Craig Jerald, The Education Trust
Darrell Morris, Appalachian State University
Scott Paris, University of Michigan
David Pearson, Michigan State University
Nichole Pinkard, University of Michigan
Taffy Raphael, Oakland University
Catherine Reischl, University of Michigan
Virginia Richardson, University of Michigan
Cathy Roller, International Reading Association
Donna Scanlon, University of Albany
Trika Smith-Burke, University of New York
Steven Stahl, University of Georgia
Elizabeth Sulzby, University of Michigan
Hank Taxis, Minneapolis Public Schools
Barbara Taylor, University of Minnesota
Paul van den Broek, University of Minnesota
Sharon Walpole, University of Virginia
David Yaden, University of Southern California

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