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CIERA Recognized for Use of Technology in Education

12/18/2001 - CIERA has been nominated as an Honors Program Laureate by the Computerworld Honors Program, an organization which since 1988 has brought together the Chairs and CEOs of the world's 100 foremost information technology companies to help leading universities, libraries, and research institutions document the global information technology revolution.

The center was nominated for the laureate honors in the Nonprofit category by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer. Nominees, chosen in ten fields of human endeavor, are honored for information technology efforts that show outstanding originality and breadth of vision, and promise to significantly benefit the future of human society.

Among the CIERA studies whose innovative uses of technology attracted Computerworld's attention are: Dr. Nichole Pinkard's Say, Say, Oh Playmate educational software, which uses music, clapping routines, and animated video to teach reading to children; Drs. Carol Sue Englert and Yong Zhao's TELE-Web program, which integrates a variety of electronic and traditional resources in order to foster the development of classrooms into joint learning communities ; Drs. Barbara Taylor and P. David Pearson's CIERA School Change project, which uses specially-developed Internet and CD-ROM resources to help teachers develop their professional skills and teach reading more effectively; Drs. Laura Roehler and P. David Pearson's Reading Classroom Explorer, an extensive electronic environment which offers "virtual internships," in which pre-service teachers can use electronic media to view effective teaching practices firsthand; and Dr. Yong Zhao's eWeb, a suite of electronic communications software designed to help in-service teachers exchange ideas and create online professional development communities.

As a result of the nomination, a variety of CIERA source materials will be preserved in the Computerworld archive, where they will be freely available to scholars and the general public. These materials are archived both on-line and through a program of source and license donations to affiliated universities, libraries, and research institutions around the world. CIERA is proud to join the list of outstanding people and organizations nominated for this important award.

Last updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2002

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