Staff Development in Early Reading Intervention Programs: The Facilitator

CIERA Report #3-011

Deidre Le Fevre and Virginia Richardson
University of Michigan

CIERA Inquiry 3: Policy and Profession
What is the nature of staff development in schools that have successfully integrated early intervention models into their schoolwide reading programs? What roles do facilitators play in such successful literacy programs?

Current reform initiatives often call for facilitators to work with teachers and administrators in the change process. Although this facilitating position is becoming more common, little is currently understood about specific purposes of this role and the forms it might take. This study examines the work of four facilitators involved in five different successful reform programs focusing on early reading intervention. These facilitators are instrumental in different approaches to reform ranging from externally adopted to internally developed interventions. Findings examine the different roles of facilitation as viewed by the facilitators themselves in relation to these different approaches to reform. Common issues and dilemmas are examined.




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