A Framework For Examining Book Reading in Early Childhood Classrooms

CIERA Report #1-014

David K. Dickinson
Center for Children & Families, Education Development Center

Allyssa McCabe
University of Massachusetts--Lowell

Louisa Anastasopoulos
Center for Children & Families, Education Development Center


CIERA Inquiry 1: Readers and Text
How are books being used in early childhood classrooms that serve low-income children?

This paper present a comprehensive framework for examining book use in early childhood settings, including the following dimensions: the book area, the amount of time provided for book reading, integration of books into the broader curriculum, the nature of the book reading events, and the nature of the home-school connection with respect to book use. Data from four studies conducted in New England are used to assess the quality of book use; each dimension shows significant evidence of the need for improvement in how books are used in preschool classrooms.






Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

February 18, 2002



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Research Support text

This article is scheduled to appear in van Kleeck, A., Stahl, S. A., & Bauer, E. B. (Eds.). (In press). On reading to children: Parents and Teachers. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.



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