TELE-Web: Developing a Web-Based Literacy Learning Environment

CIERA Report #1-006

Yong Zhao, Carol Sue Englert, Jing Chen, Su Chin Jones,
and Richard Ferdig
Michigan State University

CIERA Inquiry 1: Readers and Texts
Can a Web-based literacy learning software application accelerate early literacy achievement? How can existing educational practices inform the development of such applications?

This paper describes the development of a Web-based literacy learning software application, Technology Enhanced Learning Environment on the Web (TELE-Web). TELE-Web was developed based on the curriculum of the Early Literacy Project (ELP), an existing literacy program for elementary school students. In describing the development of TELE-Web, the authors adopt an emerging perspective on technology and established practices in education and literacy. This perspective explores how technology is affected by literacy practices in educational contexts, instead of concentrating only on technology's impact on practice.

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