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Developing Word Recognition and Spelling Growth
Assessing literacy skills and knowledge
Comprehensive Literacy
Reading Comprehension Instruction for Struggling Readers
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Reader Attributes Which Affect Comprehension
Small Group Instruction
    Role of Comprehension
Comprehension comprises two skills:
Components of Comprehension
Vocabulary occupies an important position in learning to read.
Results of Vocabulary Instruction
Word Pairs
Modified Frayer Model
Comprehension is
best supported by:
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Instructional Model
The most important  comprehension strategies are:
Graphic Organizers
Typical Graphic Organizers include:
Reciprocal Teaching
Multiple Strategy Instruction
Example of Reciprocal Teaching
The pipefish change their color and movements to blend with their surroundings.  For example, pipefish that live among green plants change their color to a shade of green to match the plants.
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Transactional Strategies Instruction
SAIL Strategies
SAIL: Modeling a Think Aloud
Think Aloud
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Modeling: Personal Experiences Using a Strategy
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Modeling: Scaffolding
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Narrative Text Structure
Informational Text Structure
  Comprehension Monitoring
Comprehension Monitoring Behaviors
Book Club Plus
Organizing for the Week and the Day
Flow of the “Book Club” Days
Flow of Literacy Block
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Principles of Effective Comprehension Instruction
Principles of Effective Comprehension Instruction