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Teaching Every Child to Read: Professional Development Guide

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Developed by respected CIERA researchers Taffy Raphael and Susan Florio-Ruane, the Professional Development Guide offers 10 vignettes based on the principles described in CIERA’s popular professional development package, Teaching Every Child to Read: Frequently Asked Questions. The vignettes are accompanied by targeted questions designed to provoke discussion and learning in professional development and teacher training programs, and are perfect for both group and individual study. The Guide’s realistic scenarios use sample e-mails, transcripts of teacher conferences, and other authentic artifacts to encourage discussion and help teachers apply new, research-based strategies for successfully teaching reading in the classroom.


Contents: Professional Development Guide

Topics 1 & 10: Helping to get students ready for reading: A beginning teacher’s experience

Topic 2: Helping children crack the code: An experienced teacher’s presentation to parents

Topic 3: Helping children improve their comprehension: Observations in a third-grade classroom

Topic 4: Assessing children’s early reading achievement: A principal’s school plan

Topic 5: Improving schoolwide practices related to reading: Support from a school-based teacher study group

Topic 6: Creating an environment that promotes continuous teacher learning: An e-mail conversation among facilitators

Topic 7: Helping children with learning disabilities: A classroom teacher and resource room teacher work together

Topic 8: Using volunteers effectively in the classroom: A panel discussion in a literacy methods class

Topic 9: Teaching reading to English language learners: An intern’s letter to her friend

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