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Every Child a Reader: Companion Readings

Reprints of 18 articles from the International Reading Association's, The Reading Teacher, specially selected for use with Every Child a Reader: Applying Reading Research in the Classroom

Articles include:


There’s more to teaching at-risk and delayed readers than good reading instruction by Irene W. Gaskins

Bringing about change in reading instruction by Sandra Harris

Topic 1

Instructional conversations: Promoting comprehension through discussion by Claude Goldenberg

"I don’t know what I’m doing—they all started with B”: First graders negotiate peer reading interactions by Laurie MacGillivray & Shirl Hawes

Topic 2

Kindergartners talk about print: Phonemic awareness in meaningful contexts by Donald J. Richgels, Karla J. Poremba, & Lea M. McGee

Building practical knowledge of letter sound correspondences: A beginner’s Word Wall and beyond by Janiel M. Wagstaff

Topic 3

Making words: Enhancing the invented spelling-decoding connection by Patricia M. Cunningham & James W. Cunningham

Procedures for word learning: Making discoveries about words by Irene W. Gaskins, Linnea C. Ehri, Cheryl Cress, Colleen O’Hara, & Katherine Donnelly

Topic 4

The reader, the text, and the task: Learning words in first grade by Francine R. Johnston

The method of repeated readings by S. Jay Samuels

Topic 5

SAIL—A way to success and independence for low-achieving readers by Janet Bergman

Self-monitoring in beginning reading by Robert Schwartz

Topic 6

Interactive writing in a primary classroom by Kathryn Button, Margaret Johnson, & Paige Furgerson

Sort, search, and discover: Spelling in the child-centered classroom by Mary Jo Fresch & Aileen Wheaton

Topic 7

Empowering low-income mothers and fathers to share books with young children by Patricia A. Edwards

How literacy tasks influence children’s motivation for literacy by Julianne Turner, & Scott G. Paris

Topic 8

Standards in action in a first-grade classroom: The purpose dimension by Nell Duke & Bonnie Stewart

Preventing reading failure: A review of five effective programs by John Pikulski


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