Archive article #00–06

Pre-service Teachers’ Experiences using Hypermedia and Video
to Learn about Literacy Instruction

Joan E. Hughes, University of Minnesota,
Becky Wai-Ling Packard, Mount Holyoke College, &
P. David Pearson, Michigan State University

This study examined the role of a hypermedia learning environment, The Reading Classroom Explorer (RCE), when it was placed in an existing pre-service literacy methods course. Participant interviews and course papers indicated that RCE enhanced their learning about literacy instruction in diverse settings. Students easily revisited and reconsidered video clips, looked in depth at classroom interactions and instruction, and analyzed across school sites. Our findings indicate that RCE (a) enriches classroom learning by providing a view of progressive literacy teaching learned in coursework; (b) provides opportunities—unconstrained by hours of the school day nor by geographic location—to observe, reflect on, and analyze teaching practice; and (c) expands students’ internship experience by providing multiple approaches to literacy instruction. Despite some limitations, such as skepticism about the excessive polish of instances of practice, RCE appears to complement and extend course work experiences, observation opportunities, and internship collaborations. Further research should examine how RCE and similar resources influence students’ literacy teaching when placed in K-12 schools.


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