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The model that underlies CIERA's efforts acknowledges many influences on children's reading acquisition. The multiple influences on children's early reading acquisition can be represented in three successive layers, each yielding an area of inquiry of the CIERA scope of work. The three inquiry areas each present a set of persistent problems in the learning and teaching of beginning reading.

Inquiry 1
Inquiry 2
Inquiry 3
Characteristics of readers and texts and their relationship to early reading achievement
What are the characteristics of readers and texts that have the greatest influence on early success in reading? How can children's existing knowledge and classroom environments enhance the factors that make for success?
Home and school effects on early reading achievement
How do the contexts of homes, communities, classrooms, and schools support high levels of reading achievement among primary-level children? How can these contexts be enhanced to ensure high levels of reading achievement for all children?
Policy and professional effects on early reading achievement
How can new teachers be initiated into the profession and experienced teachers be provided with the knowledge and dispositions to teach young children to read well? How do policies at all levels support or detract from providing all children with access to high levels of reading instruction?

The dissemination of research

CIERA's task goes beyond finding answers to persistent problems in reading through research, to disseminating those solutions to people who impact children's early reading achievement: teachers, teacher educators, parents, policymakers, and others. The center uses a variety of avenues for distributing information and research:

CIERA's Web site is the complete source for center news and information, including online copies of all CIERA products and publications, and special online-only resources.

Instructional Products
CIERA produces a variety of practical research-based materials for teachers and teacher educators. Please see the Library section of this site for a complete list of available products.

Publication Series

  • CIERA Reports

Conference Presentations
CIERA researchers participate in national and regional conferences throughout the year; note that many of these presentations are available through our Web site.

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